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About BatterUp! A Game of Steps

BatterUp! uses a player’s daily ”Steps“ as a means of earning hits and runs to play a team-based virtual baseball game. The game is free to play with premium features available soon to both players and leagues.

Every day is an “Inning”, every week is a “Game”, and every 12-weeks is a “Season”.

All players must walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day to earn a “Base Hit” for the Inning; however, if a player walks 4,999 or less steps in a day, then it’s “Three Strikes” and they’re “Out”. Four base hits during any four of seven Innings earns the player a “Run” for their team, and player’s who walk 5,000 steps for five, six, or seven days during the week earn a bonus run for their team for each extra day.

Players who walk 10,000 or more steps a day will soon have a chance to hit a “Home Run”, a “Triple”, or a “Double”, and the player on each team who walks the most daily steps cannot get “Out” for the inning!


Players may either a) “create a public team“ (open to any player in the same league), or b) “create a private team“ (open to players in the same league who know the team’s password), or c) simply “join a team“ as a player at any time. Players who create their own team will have additional options as the “Team Manager”, such as approving new team members, “Benching” players, and selecting a “Designated Hitter (DH)”. Teams are required to have a minimum of (5) players to participate in the weekly games, and may have a total of (20) players on the team’s “Roster”.

Games start on Mondays at 12:01 am Eastern time and finish on Sundays at 11:59 pm Eastern time. Games are played between two randomly selected teams from the same “League” and the game winner is the team with the most “Runs” at the end of the week. In the case of a tie, the team with the fewest “Errors” wins, or if still tied, the team with the most “total team steps” (including from the bench) will win the game.

Public and Private Leagues

Individual players are required to join a League when registering. Public Leagues are free and open to all players and teams. Each League has its own Team Leaderboard and awards will be provided to the top winning teams and individuals from each of the four “Public Leagues” per season.

Any sized group may request and play in a Private League, which will provide an opportunity for the group’s players and teams (no limitation) to compete only against each other. Premium features for a wellness program are coming soon, including member management, player reports, and member daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. Awards for top winning teams in each Private League will be at the discretion of the League admin.

Fees for a Private League are $99 per year with no limitation on players or teams. (Leagues are free for school districts!) The first 100 private leagues will receive (50) “squeeze-ball” baseballs for free as giveaways to players.

Contact us by email at james@95210.org or by phone at (850) 274-6225 for more information regarding a Private League for your group.

All Stars for Charities

Each Private League may select one 501C3 nonprofit to receive 1/2 of all optional $4.99 premium fees paid by the league’s players who would like to become a supporting “All Star” for the season and receive bonus “batting” percentages (30%) for earning home runs, triples, or doubles when 10,000 steps are reached for a day.

The winning team from each of the four public leagues at the end of each season will have the opportunity to name the charity to receive 1/2 of all optional $4.99 premium fees paid by the public league’s players.

Contact us by email at james@95210.org or by phone at (850) 274-6225 for more information regarding a Private League for your organization.

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