Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions that are not listed below, please contact us by email at and we'll do our best to answer them for you!

Q: Why does the site mention BETA testing?
A: We’re using the initial 12-week “Spring Season”, March 4 through June 2, to test the platform and basic features, and finish up the advanced and premium features. Our goal is to have BatterUp completely ready with all individual, team, and league wellness features available by June 3 to start the 12-week “Summer Season”.

Q: Is there a fee to participate?
A: There are no fees for participating as an individual or team at the basic level; however, there will be an optional $4.99 premium fee for individuals per season to become an “All Star”, which will offer players an increase in their batting percentages (a 30% increased chance to hit either a home run, a triple, or a double after walking 10,000 steps). Half of all premium fees will be donated to the 501C3 of the League’s choice (school districts may select their local foundation).

During the Summer Season (starting June 3) we may charge a one-time download fee of $0.99 for the Apple and Android apps (the mobile website will continue to be free of charge).

Q: Are there any prizes?
A: Yes! We will be offering both individual and team awards, plaques, and Division Pennants to winners of our Division Championships each season, including special championship baseball t-shirts (team name and member number on the back) and trophies for each player on the winning teams.

Beginning in May, we will be drawing a random team from among all teams registered to receive free t-shirts for each team member!

We will be inviting the top 16 teams from among all Leagues to play in our World Series Championship, a special series of games made up of the year’s top 16 winning teams from both public and private leagues, (details to be posted during the Summer Season).

Q: How do I join as an individual?
A: Individuals may register into a Public League at any time for free. At first, it may be easier to join another player’s team, and after playing for a few weeks or a season, then create your own team with a minimum of (5) players to compete against other teams! To make participating super easy, simply sync a FitBit, Garmin, or Google Fit account with BatterUp!, and all you’ll need to do is make sure your steps transfer before the end of each day (BatterUp! syncs with the wearable servers almost instantly, so as long as your steps are updated on the FitBit, Garmin, or Google Fit servers the steps should be in our server). Players may also manually track their steps at any time.

Q: What’s the difference between manually tracking my steps and syncing?
A: Players may either manually track their steps by typing in their total steps for the day, or set up a sync between their wearable account and their BatterUp! account to allow their daily steps to be shared between the wearable server and the BatterUp! server.

However, players who manually track their steps are limited to a maximum of 5,000 “official” steps per day, which provides for a base hit, but will not allow for future features associated with reaching 10,000 steps. For instance, if a player types in 11,398 steps for the day, all of those steps are displayed on the player’s Steps page, but only 5,000 of those steps are officially counted and displayed on the Game page.

Players who are synced may reach 10,000 or more steps per day, and will soon have an opportunity to hit a home run, triple, or double. Additionally, the player with the “most” daily steps from each team cannot receive an Out for the day.

Q: How do multiple people join and is there a limit?
A: Any sized group may participate for free and create teams in the Public Leagues or register as a Private League where only those members play with and against each other. Before registering, the group should decide on the “team captains” so that those players may register first, create the teams, and then the remaining players may register and join the various teams. There is no limit on the number of players or teams in any league.

Q: Do we need a Private League?
A:Any sized group may request a Private League; however, if your group would like to participate in a Public League, and compete against a variety of other teams, there’s no charge to your group.

We are currently developing premium wellness features for all Private Leagues, which will allow for groups to track member’s daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly “tasks” over time. For more information, please contact us by email at or phone at (850) 274-6225.

Fees for a Private League are $99 per year. (Leagues are free for school districts!) The first 100 private leagues will receive (50) “squeeze-ball” baseballs for free as giveaways to players.

Q: How many people can be on a team?
A: A team’s “Roster” may have a total of (20) players: (10) maximum in the weekly “Lineup” playing in the game, and (10) on the “Bench” waiting for an opportunity (randomly selected each game). Each team is required to have a minimum of (5) players to participate in the weekly games. As players join a team the lineup fills up first, and once there are (11) or more players on the roster, the bench begins to fill up.

Q: How does the weekly game work?
A: Teams with at least (5) players at 12:01am Eastern Time on Mondays are randomly selected to participate in the weekly games. Every Monday before a new game begins, the rosters are randomly shuffled and players may start the new game in the lineup or on the bench. Only players in the lineup may contribute hits and runs to the team’s overall score; however, all players, including those on the bench, contribute official steps to a team’s total steps count for purposes of winning any “ties” at the end of each game.

The winning team of each game will have the most “Runs” at the end of the Inning at 12:00am Eastern Time on Sundays. If the teams are tied, the team with the fewest “Errors” wins the game, or if the teams are tied in zero or more errors, or if still tied, then the team with the most overall team official total steps count wins the game.

Q: Why isn’t my team participating in a game?
A: It’s one of two reasons, either your team has fewer than (5) players on the roster, and/or your team was created after a start of a new game between Monday and Sunday. If your team has (5) members and it’s a Monday and your team is not yet in a game with an opposing team, please contact us by email at

Q: What are the premium features?
A: The premium features are still being developed; however, here’s what we’ll be offering soon:

For Individual Players: Players will have an opportunity to purchase a premium “All Star” account offering: a) an additional 30% chance to hit either a home run, a triple, or a double when reaching 10,000 steps per Inning, and b) a seasonal supply of “Bags of Peanuts”, which will allow players who have reached between 5,000 and 9,999 steps an opportunity to reach the 10,000 steps level. Each bag of peanuts will be worth up to 5,000 additional steps (depending on their current daily steps count when used) and use of the bag of peanuts will lock the player at 10,000 official steps for the Inning. The fee for a premium player account will be $4.99 per season.

For Team Managers: (those players who created their own team) a premium team management option will offer team managers the ability to: a) select a specific designated hitter for the game (any player may become the DH as selected by the team manager, thereby giving that selected player a 30% increased chance to hit either a home run, a triple, or a double upon reaching 10,000 steps), and b) bench players who are not participating or walking enough steps to earn base hits (instead of removing the player from the team).

For League Managers, a premium group account will offer a Tasks feature that will allow players within the league to complete and track customized daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tasks with a simple check box. This will allow the group to develop an easy to manage wellness program within the walking program BatterUp!. The fee for premium league management options will be $9.99 per month, or $99 per year.