How to Play

It’s easy to play a game of baseball with a few friends or family using BatterUp, A Game of Steps! All you have to do is track your daily steps, either manually or synced with a FitBit, Garmin, or Google Fit, and let the game do everything else! Between (5) and (20) players may be on each team with up to (10) players participating in the weekly LineUp and (10) players on the Bench (randomly selected each game).

Every day is an “Inning”, every week is a “Game”, and every 12-weeks is a “Season”.

1) Register as a New Player

Register here as a new player for free. Select a Public League which will determine the various players and teams you’ll be playing with and against. If you are joining with friends or family, make sure everyone joins the same League to play with or against each other. (During the beta Spring Season (March - May) only the public North League will be available.)

Please read our Privacy Policy concerning our strong commitment to keep your personal information private.

Register as a League Owner (contact us by email at to manage a group of teams and players (the base program is free and there is no limit to either the number of members or teams). New premium features being built in April/May will enable a full and extensive wellness program for any number of members!

2) Create or Join a Team

To create or join a team, simply click the drop down tab and select “Team”. To create a new team, select “Create” and then type in your team name. To have a private team, select the check box or leave it blank for a public team. A private team requires a player to provide the required access code before requesting to join your team. A public team is open to any player in your league to make a request to join your team.

If you create a team, then you are designated as the Team Captain and (coming soon) may a) approve player requests to join your team (up to 20 total players per team), b) remove players from your team, c) moderate your team message board, d) designate one player each game as the Designated Hitter (DH) awarding them 30% extra chance to hit home runs, and e) bench players for non-participation (if the team has more than 5 members).

Teams must have (5) or more members on the Roster to be able to compete and participate in the weekly games.

3) Sync Accounts

Sync your BatterUp! account to your FitBit, Garmin, or Google Fit account by selecting either button through your BatterUp! My Profile page, and watch your daily steps turn into base hits, home runs, and outs on the opposing team! Simply type in your email and password for your FitBit, Garmin, or Google Fit account using their proprietary login screen, and your accounts and steps are now synced! Please be sure to set your data in your FitBit, Garmin, or Google Fit account to “Public” to allow your data to be shared with BatterUp.

If you’re using a smartphone app to sync with a wearable, be sure to update your FitBit or Google Fit app at the end of each evening by opening the wearable app and verifying your daily steps ... this will allow the BatterUp! servers to update your final steps when syncing with the FitBit or Google Fit servers before the close of the Inning.

Players with synced accounts may have more than 5,000 “official” steps per Inning, and upon reaching 10,000 or more steps per day, they have an opportunity based on percentages (coming soon) to hit either a) a home run (10% chance), or b) a triple (15% chance), or c) a double (20% chance), thereby potentially earning more runs per week for their team!

Players who type in their steps manually are limited to 5,000 “official” steps per Inning for official use in the game, and if 5,000 steps are reached they receive a Base Hit for the Inning. Four base hits per week is a Run for their team, and all players may earn extra runs by reaching 5,000 steps for any five, six, or all seven days during the week.

4) Start Walking!

You’ve registered, joined a team, and synced ... now just add more steps to your day!

Adding more steps to your day is easy, but does require some time and planning. It takes approximately fourty-five minutes to walk a consecutive 5,000 steps, and an hour and a half to walk 10,000 or more steps, but it pays off in a healthier lifestyle. In BatterUp it may also save you from getting “Out”, as the player on each team with the most daily steps cannot get out by players from the other team!